BvB Becomes D1 Summer 2019 Champions

BvB defeats Jalisco F.C. in a penalty shootout. Congratulations to BvB for becoming D1 Summer 2019 Champions at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues. Jalisco F.C. played a tough match. Jalisco F.C. is recognized in the Riverside County soccer community as a fierce team. Cruz Lopez, Jalisco F.C.’s star player, finished the season as the top goal scorer and has been inducted to the FC Riverside County Hall of Fame.

BvB will take home the $1,000 Grand Prize. Roberto, BvB Coach, stated he is looking forward to next season’s competition. BvB has demonstrated their competitive ability in the Riverside County soccer community. FC Riverside County thanks BvB for their hard work and dedication.

Cruz Lopez wins a pair of soccer cleats for becoming the top goal scorer of FCRC Adult Soccer League’s D1 Summer 2019 Season. Cruz Lopez scored a total of 17 goals in the season. FC Riverside County thanks Cruz Lopez for being a good role model to the soccer community.