Youth Soccer Program

Training & Club Recretional League

by FC Riverside County

Why FC Riverside County?

• Training by expert coaches

• Games officiated by certified referees

• Same day practice and games available

• Weekday training available (optional)

• Emphasis on fun and focused on creating memorable experiences

• Games are played outdoors on turf

2022 Amateur Soccer Partner

Our Program

FC Riverside County offers a training program and a Club Recreational League. We provide the first step on a pathway to collegiate and professional soccer. Students will develop passing, dribbling, and shooting skills. At FC Riverside County, we emphasize FUN and focus on creating memorable experiences. We use the soccer ball as the vehicle to help children develop social, teamwork, and self-awareness skills. Our program helps students achieve their maximum potential on and off the field.

All coaches and referees are background-certified and trained professionals.


All classes are held on Saturdays. Players are grouped into Coed teams. Players will receive a 1-hour group training session. Optional training is available during the weekdays. Training sessions will be followed by an official soccer match. Teams will compete in a season. Your class time will be dependent on your age group’s slotted time. Players will be divided into the following age blocks:

 Age Block Ages Classes
#1 Little Bellers 5 or younger 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM (1.5 Hours)
#2 Junior 6-8 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM (1.5 Hours)
#3 Athlete 9-12 9:50 AM - 11:50 AM (2 Hours)

Are you interested in youth recreational soccer for ages 13-17? Click here to get started.

Club Recreational League

Both our Junior and Athlete classes play in our Club Recreational League. Our Club Recreational League places teams coached by FC Riverside County against each other.

  • Junior’s play 7 on 7 games and Athletes play 9 on 9 games.
  • There are no goalkeepers in Junior games, only Athletes.
  • Each season is 9 weeks long and followed by 2 weeks of playoffs.
  • Juniors play a 40-minute match after their training session.
  • Athletes play a 50-minute match after their training session.
  • Each Class represents a division. If our program does not have sufficient participants, some players may be assigned to a different Class.
  • Teams are formed at random, however, you can request for your child(ren) to be placed on the same team as your friend or family member.
  • All referees are trained and background certified.


Every child that completes a season will receive a medal. In addition, we will provide medals and prizes each week to players selected by our staff. Selection will mostly be at random.


Each participant is required to bring a ball (Size 3 for Little Bellers; Size 4 for Junior and Athletes), shin guards, shorts or sweats, and appropriate soccer cleats (no metal). FC Riverside County provides all other equipment needed for our training program and leagues.

Equipment Provided By
FC Riverside County Uniform Included In One-time Enrollment Fee
Black Shorts or Sweatpants Provided by You
Soccer Cleats (No metal allowed) Provided by You
Shin Guards Provided by You
Ball Provided by You


  • $35 One-time Registration Fee (Includes an FC Riverside County uniform set)
  • $30 a Weekly Membership Fee *Must pay monthly ($120 a month)
  • $10 a Session for additional weekday training (weekday training is optional and NOT MANDATORY)

Multi-child Discount

We provide discounts on Weekly Membership fees when enrolling multiple children. Receive a $10 discount for your 2nd child, a $20 discount for your 3rd child, a $30 discount for your 4th child, an $40 discount for your 5th child, and a $50 discount for your 6th child. Children must live in the same household and be closely related (brothers or foster brothers).

1 FREE LA Galaxy Ticket Once a Month

It is no secret that FC Riverside County provides a training program with expert coaches and a league with experienced referees. At the same time, we provide a community experience for our student population that is sure to make your child’s experience memorable. How do we accomplish this? FC Riverside County provides 1 FREE ticket to an LA Galaxy game each month for all students enrolled in our Youth Soccer Program. 

Facility Partner


“Our facility features a state-of-the-art turf field."

  • Our turf is maintained once a month to maintain a pristine condition.

  • Bleachers and benches are available.

  • Gated facility.

  • Clean restrooms.

  • Picnic benches are available for your family.

  • A playground is available. Our playground includes a jungle gym and swings.

  • Safe parking is available.

2380 Fullerton Ave, Corona, CA 92881

Corona FC Riverside County Cities of Riverside County Landing Pages
Crossroads Christian School Map FC Riverside County Facility Partner

• No tryouts.

• No fundraisers.

• Classes are held once a week on Saturdays.

• Games are held on the same day as classes.

• We have an Everyone Plays Policy. Coaches are required to play every player on the team.

• Classes are held in a gated outdoor turf facility.

• Easily view standings, schedules, and other important information on our website.

We accept players year-round. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Get Started

To be placed in a team, just submit the form below. Once your submission has been processed, you will receive a text or email with your new team’s information.

Family Volunteers

Our prices are competitive using the help of Family Volunteers. You or a family member are invited to help make your child’s soccer experience memorable. All volunteers will be subject to a mandatory background check. (Download Volunteer Application)

Terms and conditions apply.


Weather Cancellations: For every 9 weeks, there is 1 week that is allocated to make up for days canceled due to weather conditions. Additional lost weeks will not be made up. FC Riverside County does not control the weather. Due to organizational costs, we will not refund or credit you for classes canceled due to weather conditions (or reasons beyond our control). FC Riverside County will make all efforts to provide a different activity that is not affected by the weather.

Refunds: There are absolutely no refunds.

COVID-19 Measures: The safety of our participants is our number one priority. We are adhering to all local, state, and federal guidelines. Masks are recommended, but not mandatory. We encourage unvaccinated participants and spectators to wear a mask. Please stay home if you are sick or show symptoms of COVID-19.