Free Agent List

FC Riverside County helps teams discover FREE Agents. Please take a look at our FREE Agent list below. Click on a name to learn about the player. Text us at (951) 316-6314 if you would like to invite a player.

Sunday Soccer FREE Agents

2Timothy HammillGoalkeeper
3Jonathan ChavezDefender
3Joon BaeDefender
4Jeffrey BrandyForward
5Leo PerezMidfielder
5German MorenoDefender
6Adrian FloresDefender
7George TowiahForward
7Jose FloresMidfielder
7Eduardo RodriguezForward
7Emmanuel MoreiraForward
7Omar CernaDefender
8Antonio GonzalezMidfielder
8Ian HartMidfielder
9Stylianos ApostolidesForward
10Jorge EncisoMidfielder
10Kevin YupanquiMidfielder
10Daniel RodriguezMidfielder
10Jelani Abdul LateefMidfielder
11Pablo MunozMidfielder
12Jeffrey BrandyMidfielder
13Colin MarshallDefender
13Ross BeckerMidfielder
13Maxwell HillDefender
14Gonzalo OrtegaMidfielder
16Kenneth SalceDefender
16Dublas FloresMidfielder
18Luis JacoboGoalkeeper
18Eric VerduzcoMidfielder
19Elias ArechigaMidfielder
22Pablo BascuñánForward
22Hanif CarterForward
22John FonsecaDefender
23Enrique MartinezDefender
23Kevin OlaldeGoalkeeper
23Carlos PalazuelosMidfielder
24Alan BazanMidfielder
24Andres SalcedoMidfielder
30Ahmad HabashnehMidfielder
30Joseph AlexyDefender
34David ParedesGoalkeeper
93Victor longoriaDefender

Saturday Soccer FREE Agents

1Josiah PekaryForward
1Ernesto GomezGoalkeeper
1Glenn MIllanMidfielder
1Troy Justice LaBoreGoalkeeper
2Alin ArsenovDefender
2Ryen GarciaMidfielder
2Isaac ChavezDefender
2Claudia AlfaroForward
3Ihab HamidehDefender
3Savannah SantosMidfielder
3Allen GoddardMidfielder
3Lu SalcedoForward
4Angel MartinezDefender
5Vivek TannaDefender
5Christian BurgosDefender
5Heather VitogiannisDefender
5Ernesto Lopez Jr.Goalkeeper
5Aaron GutierrezMidfielder
5Madison AugustoMidfielder
5Tre HollowayMidfielder
5Jesus TorisDefender
5Christian BurgosDefender
6William SongMidfielder
6Seraphin TalaMidfielder
6Geoff Mote
6Anthony MendozaMidfielder
7Isaac R VillicanaMidfielder
7Ivan MartinForward
7Kristen PerezDefender
7Adrian CejaMidfielder
7Karl LeMidfielder
7Jade TalaveraForward
7James WardDefender
8Bryan MatiasMidfielder
8Obinna R. MacauleyMidfielder
8Christian UrenaDefender
8Julian ScottMidfielder
8Hector DiazMidfielder
8Benny WangMidfielder
9Fernando GarciaMidfielder
9Marc CameronForward
9Clay ForsheyForward
9Hanni SchonigerDefender
9Raimundo QuinteroMidfielder
9Emmanuel TorresMidfielder
9Cesar MoralesForward
10Brenda StoneDefender
10Timothy SCHUPPMidfielder
10Andi AtilanoGoalkeeper
11Ernesto GarciaDefender
11Jasmine TorisMidfielder
11James WardDefender
11Anthony VossMidfielder
11Mauricio SosaMidfielder
11Madison JonesDefender
11Mauricio SosaMidfielder
12Nicole Marie PerezMidfielder
12Trevor BermudezForward
12Michelle RamirezDefender
12Robert AndradeGoalkeeper
13Daniel VelasquezDefender
13Briana SilvaMidfielder
13Melanie Medina
13Enrique Manuel MercadoForward
14Michael A HernandezMidfielder
15David CarranzaMidfielder
16Isaac ChavezDefender
17Jesse OsorioMidfielder
17Victor SanchezMidfielder
17Leland OliverDefender
18Manuel SicairosMidfielder
19Kallista JonesDefender
20Martin Alejandro PeraltaMidfielder
21Francisco CarranzaMidfielder
21Oscar UreñaMidfielder
21Gary SmotrysMidfielder
22Mostafa GamalForward
23Arturo GarciaDefender
25Edwin RodriguezDefender
26Federico D PeraltaForward
27Henry SalasMidfielder
31Dominic Roman PeraltaForward
80Haroon MubtakirMidfielder
93Victor LongoriaMidfielder
97Josue SantosMidfielder

There is a $5 processing fee for each player invite. You will not have to pay if the player fails to attend your scheduled game. You will receive a payment link after the FREE Agent confirms availability. 

You can be barred from our Free Agent Discovery Program if you commit the following offenses:

  1. Receive complaints from multiple FREE Agents. 
  2. Use our FREE Agent Discovery Program to recruit for other leagues.
  3. Demonstrate a hostile attitude to the FC Riverside County community.

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