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We promise to treat you like a 5-Star club member.

Up to $10,000 in Cash Prizes
Season Top Goal Scorers Win a Trophy and Receive an Inauguration to the FC Riverside County Hall of Fame

FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues:

  • 11v11 Men’s Open Division 1 on Sunday Mornings (8am-2pm) $1,000 CASH PRIZE 
  • 11v11 Men’s Open Division 2 on Sunday Afternoons (12pm-6:30pm) $500 CASH PRIZE
  • 11v11 Men’s Open Division 3 on Sunday Afternoons (12pm-6:30pm) UNIFORM SET PRIZE
  • 11v11 Women's Open Division 1 on Sunday Mornings (8pm-2pm) $800 CASH PRIZE
  • 7v7 Men's Open on Friday Nights (7pm-10pm) $500 CASH PRIZE

We are committed to providing you a great experience. Our league experience is like no other in Riverside County. This organization was founded to provide quality adult leagues in the Riverside County community. Guests from all over Southern California have participated in our soccer offerings. Join us, we promise to treat you like a 5-Star club member.

Referee Fees: $100 a game on turf and $90 on grass for our 11v11 leagues. $55 a game for our 7v7 leagues.

Registration Fees: $25 a player for our 11v11 leagues. $20 a player for our 7v7 leagues. (Find a Team here)

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Terms and conditions apply.


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