New 5v5 Leagues on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

FC Riverside County is proud to announce our new 5v5 leagues. Games will be played at Crossroads in Corona. Crossroads features state-of-the-art turf providing players a quality playing experience. We look forward to seeing you out on the field!


  • 5v5 Men’s Open Division 2 at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-7:30pm) $500 CASH PRIZE
  • 5v5 Women’s Open at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-7:30pm) $500 CASH PRIZE
  • 5v5 Exercise Division (COED, No Sliding, No Body-to-body, and No Division 1 or 2 Players Allowed) at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-7:30pm) UNIFORM PRIZE
  • 6v6 Pickup Games at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-6:40pm)


  • 5v5 Coed Division at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-7:30pm) $500 CASH PRIZE
  • 6v6 Pickup Games at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-6:40pm)


  • 5v5 Men’s Open Division 1 at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-7:30pm) $1,000 CASH PRIZE
  • 5v5 Men’s Over 30 at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-7:30pm) UNIFORM SET PRIZE
  • 6v6 Pickup Games at Crossroads in Corona (5:00pm-6:40pm)

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Women’s Soccer Too: Let’s End the Cycle! #WomensSoccerToo

Women’s soccer has been largely ignored in the United States. Yes, there is women’s soccer at the club level. Yes, there is women’s soccer at the high school level. Unfortunately, there are not so many adult women’s soccer divisions. Leagues throughout the country will typically operate Men’s and Coed divisions while ignoring women’s divisions.

Without a women’s division to play in, players often get discouraged to continue playing soccer as an adult. This causes players to lose connection with soccer. Ultimately, when a women’s soccer division launches in the community, it is common for the league to have trouble recruiting teams. As a result, the league will typically convert its women’s division into Coed. Thus, the never-ending cycle continues.

We need women’s soccer too! Many adult players would love to play women’s soccer throughout the country. Leagues must do everything possible to ensure our female athletes are not forgotten. Coed divisions are not women’s divisions. Let’s end the cycle!

FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues offers a 7v7 Women’s Division on Saturday mornings. Games are played at Crossroads in the City of Corona. Learn more by clicking here.

FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues is Back!

We are committed to providing you a great experience. Our league experience is like no other in Riverside County and throughout the United States. This organization was founded to reimagine the adult soccer league space. Teams from all over Southern California have participated in our soccer offerings. We promise; we are the most organized adult soccer league you will find.

The following leagues are available:


  • 7v7 Men’s Open Division 2 at Crossroads in Corona (9:20am-11:20am) $1,000 CASH PRIZE
  • 7v7 Men’s Open Division 3 at Crossroads in Corona (8:20am-10:20am) UNIFORM SET PRIZE
  • 7v7 Women’s Open Division at Crossroads in Corona (11:20am-12:20pm) $1,000 CASH PRIZE
  • 11v11 Men’s Open Division 3 at Crossroads in Corona (12:30pm-6:30pm) UNIFORM SET


  • 11v11 Men’s Open Division 1 at Crossroads in Corona (8:00am-2:00pm) $1,000 CASH PRIZE
  • 11v11 Men’s Open Division 2 at Crossroads in Corona (2:00pm-6:30pm) $500 CASH PRIZE

The California Super League (To be Announced)

  • 11v11 Men’s Open Super League at Te be Announced (TBD) $10,000 CASH PRIZE (Learn more info here)

Team Managers that participate in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues select our coaches for our professional Men’s and Women’s soccer teams. Learn more about our voting system by visiting

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The California Super League

ANNOUNCEMENT: FC Riverside County will be launching the California Super League. FC Riverside County is spinning off our Men’s Open Division 1 by FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues into the California Super League. This league will feature a $10,000 cash prize.

( Coming Soon)

The California Super League (CSL) is building a statewide professional recreational soccer league providing the foundation for recreational soccer players to become professional players. The CSL is the first-ever professional recreational league in the United States. The CSL provides an opportunity for teams throughout California to showcase their players on a state and national level.

The CSL is committed to providing recreational teams an opportunity to win a cash prize. The CSL finalist is awarded a $10,000 CASH PRIZE. Unlike other professional development leagues, the CSL finalist does not have to travel out of state to compete for the grand prize. At least one (1) California team is guaranteed the $10,000 CASH PRIZE. We believe a significant cash prize is essential for teams to grow and develop.

Conferences are available throughout the state of California. The founding Conference is in Riverside County. Our objective is to build a network of competitive recreational teams. We look forward to seeing your team compete in California’s most competitive recreational soccer league.

Team Fees

  • $35 Player Registration Fee (Up to 25 players may be registered per season.)
  • $800 Team Registration Fee
  • $120 Referee Fee per Game (3 Referees will be scheduled per game. The game referee fee will drop to $110 per game if an emergency occurs and only 2 referees are available for the given game.)
  • $10 Permit Fee (For non-registered players. We highly advise registering your players to avoid paying the $10 permit fee.)
  • There is no Annual Membership Fee.

The CSL will set payment deadlines for each season. Teams that do not meet payment deadlines will be excluded from the schedule. Methods of payment will be available after your team has been successfully accepted to join the CSL. Upon request, payment plans may be offered to teams that can demonstrate good financial standing.

How to Join

Step 1: Submit a team application by visiting

Step 2: The CSL will schedule a call with your Team Manager after the CSL reviews your application. You can ask further questions about the CSL during this stage.

Step 3: Within 48 hours, the CSL will determine whether your team will be accepted to join the CSL.

Step 4: Upon approval, the CSL will send you the CSL Rules & Policies Agreement form. Team Managers must sign the CSL Rules & Policies Agreement before joining the CSL. The CSL will send you an invoice with instructions on how to pay for your Team Registration Fee after successfully receiving a signed CSL Rules & Policies Agreement.

Step 5: The CSL will confirm your spot in the season after successfully receiving your Team Registration Fee.

For more information, email or call (951) 316-6314.

ANNOUNCEMENT: FC Riverside County is Back!

Are you ready to play soccer again?

FC Riverside County understands how anxious our soccer community is to get back on the field. After a yearlong battle against Covid-19, Riverside County is finally beginning to loosen play restrictions. As we begin to open up, FC Riverside County will continue its commitment to transforming the soccer culture in the county. We are excited to announce our grassroots movement to start a Men’s and Women’s professional soccer team in Riverside County. The mission of the movement is to provide a platform where passionate soccer players, coaches, fans, business owners, professionals, and community leaders can come together for the game they love.

FC Riverside County Commissioner Adrian Aros expressed, “I strongly believe a professional Men’s team and Women’s team is essential for soccer to grow as a sport in the county. Local professional teams provide a pathway for young athletes to get noticed on the national level. In addition, local residents (including non-soccer fans) can have a team to watch and follow in the community. This provides our local youth clubs a great opportunity to connect with the greater community.”

Soccer will always be a sport of the people, by the people, for the people. FC Riverside County stands with the idea that there is no person or organization that owns soccer. That’s why FC Riverside County will be taking a grassroots approach and provide decision-making power to our soccer community. FC Riverside County is the first club in the United States to introduce a voting system whereby Team Managers that participate in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues select our coaches for our professional Men’s and Women’s soccer teams. Learn more about our voting system by visiting

FC Riverside County recognizes our community is compromised of many dedicated soccer organizations. There are many trainers, coaches, leagues, and youth clubs & academies who already do a great job at what they do. Rather than develop competing services, FC Riverside County will partner with existing organizations. FC Riverside County currently offers free and highly discounted website design, custom signage, and printing services for organizations in our Partner Program. We designed this program to help even the smallest club or upcoming soccer professional the chance to shine and grow. Learn more about our Partner Program by visiting

While it’s true that many of our local organizations compete with each other on a day-to-day basis, there are still many areas where they can work together. By grouping together, the soccer community can pool resources for activities such as research & development (R&D), political lobbying, and advocacy. FC Riverside County will serve as the central organization helping create collaboration among our soccer community. Learn more about our community efforts by visiting

Are you interested in supporting the movement? Read below to learn of the many ways you can support.

  • Create a team at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues. FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues will donate 25% of all profits to our professional teams. Get started by visiting
  • Purchase tickets to see our professional soccer teams.
  • Purchase FC Riverside County Gear – You can purchase gear by visiting
  • Talk About FC Riverside County in the Community – If you would like to support FC Riverside County but don’t have the time, you can still make a difference by simply talking about FC Riverside County with your friends, family, or social media following.
  • Attend our Community Meetings – We hold community meetings to discuss strategic planning and vote on major decisions. Community meeting dates are listed on MySportsFriend. View our page by visiting
  • Join our Board of Directors – There are five positions available; President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and At-large. This is a great opportunity for aspiring leaders interested in running for a local office. Learn more about the FC Riverside County Board of Directors by visiting
  • Join our Staff Team – Learn more about our available staff positions by visiting
  • Join our Newsletter – This is how we keep our community up to date on all our product launches, partnerships, and promotions.

FC Riverside County is prepared to serve you with quality soccer leagues once we are clear to open. Be the first to know when we return by signing up for our newsletter.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Thank you.

Most Sincerely,
Adrian Aros, FC Riverside County Commissioner

FCRC Pathway to Pro

FCRC Pathway to Pro

  1. FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues
  2. UPSL
  3. United Soccer League (USL)
  4. MLS

FC Riverside County makes it easy for players to enter a professional soccer career. To get started on your professional soccer career, join a team in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues. This will provide you an opportunity to get noticed by the FC Riverside County Pro Team (3rd Division Soccer). Our core focus is to provide our players with the opportunity to showcase their talents on the national stage. Find a team or register a team by clicking here.

2021 Elections: April 18th

The Board of Directors elections are held on the third Sunday of April each year. Each board official serves a one-year term. The Board of Directors has the authority to review, interview, or reject FC Riverside County Head Coaches. The 2021 Elections will be held on April 18th. The 2021 Elections will be our first Board of Directors elections.

A sample ballot with the name of the selected candidates and the date/location of the election will be posted here ( All election rules and regulations pertaining to elections and membership will apply. After the conclusion of the election, the winners will be announced on our website within 5 business days.

Who Votes?

The Voting body is compromised of Team Managers that participate in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues, whose financial accounts are fully paid, whose equipment has been successfully returned, and who have followed FC Riverside County’s policies. Each Team Manager will be entitled to:

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FC Riverside County is Closed Until Further Notice

Due to COVID-19, FC Riverside County has suspended all soccer activities until further notice. In the meantime, please exercise caution in your community. Please wear a face mask out in public, practice social distancing (at least 6 feet apart from others), and continue practicing good hygiene. 

FC Riverside County is prepared to provide you the best soccer experience soon. Some activities including private training and social distancing group training will be available before league and pickup games. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.