Irwin FC Wins 3rd Place Championship

FC Riverside County would like to recognize Irwin FC, 3rd Place Champions at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues. Irwin FC is a team comprised of active service members based in Fort Irwin and organized by Fort Irwin staff. The Irwin FC team and staff travel over 2 hours from their base to participate at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues in Corona.

Irwin FC striker Yelsey Torres finished Division 2 as season top goal scorer with a total of 11 goals. “Yelsey has demonstrated our military’s strong athletic abilities. We have the strongest military in the world. It’s no surprise,” praised Adrian Aros, FC Riverside County Commissioner. Yelsey is an active service member based in Fort Irwin.

Panki Miah, Irwin FC club manager, expressed, “[i]t’s a competitive league. Very well disciplined and maintained. It was an awesome season. The support that we received from the league goes without saying. A very military-friendly league that goes out its way to support us. Tremendous respect for the staff. Looking forward to continuous participation in the league for years to come.” FC Riverside County looks forward to Fort Irwin’s presence in the Riverside County community.

FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues by FC Riverside County is the largest adult soccer league in the cities of Norco and Corona. Spring Seasons for Men’s Open Divisions 1, 2, & 3 and Women’s Open Division 1 will commence March 15th.