Season Finishes with 3 Top Goal Scorers

For the first time in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues history, the season produced a total of 3 Season Top Goal Scorers. Tyler Zubak of Corona United, Cruz Lopez of Jalisco F.C., and Edgar Trejo of La Sierra, scored a total of 7 goals each in the 2019 D1 Fall Season. Tyler Zubak and Cruz Lopez are current Hall of Famers. FC Riverside County will be adding Edgar Trejo to the Hall of Fame for his achievement.

Season Top Goal Scorers at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues win soccer cleats. Since the 2019 D1 Fall Season produced a tie between 3 players, FC Riverside County has directed FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues to select the soccer cleats winner by a live drawing at the 2019 Fall Playoff Press Conference.

FC Riverside County will be exploring new policy options to determine a winner if a tie occurs again for the Season Top Goal Scorer position. If a new policy is enacted, changes will not take effect until the following season. FC Riverside County would like to hear your opinion or ideas – we welcome all feedback. Email feedback to