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Winter Conference Cup: Win Uniforms

1st Place wins a trophy and a Uniform

February 23rd    |    March 1st    |    March 8th

  • 11v11 Men’s Open
  • 8+ Team Single Elimination
  • FREE for Teams Registered at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues

Join us for our quarterly Conference Cup. There are 3 rounds in total; Qualifying Rounds, Semi-finals, and Finals. Qualifying Rounds will determine Semi-final qualifying teams, Semi-finals will eliminate 2 teams, and the Finals will determine the champion. Qualifying Round and Semi-final games that end in a draw will be followed by a penalty shootout. If the final game ends in a draw, the game will first be determined by 20 minutes of extra time. If extra time ends in a draw, the game will be determined by a penalty shootout.

Qualifying Rounds: February 23rd

Semi-finals: March 1st

Finals: March 8th

Learn more about our league rules by clicking here.

2019 7v7 Christmas Tournament by FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues

December 29th | 8:30AM-4:30PM
*At least 3 games guaranteed.
View tournament scheduler here.

Join us for the 2019 7v7 Christmas Tournament by FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues on December 29th in Corona. 24 teams will come together to compete against teams around Southern California for a total of $2,000 of cash prizes. Men’s and Women’s divisions will be available. Winners will also wins trophies and shirts.


  • Men’s D1 ($1,000 cash prize + Uniforms)
  • Women’s D1 ($500 cash prize)


  • $200 a team if registering before December 20th
  • $225 a team if registering before December 23rd
  • $240 a team if registering before December 28th
  • $250 a team if registering on December 29th



  • Games in group stages will have a 40 minute match duration. The final will have a 40 minute match duration.
  • Each division will be divided into 2 groups. Only 1 group will be created if 6 or less teams participate in a division.
  • The top 2 (or 4 if only 1 group is created) teams of each group will advance to playoffs. Tiebreakers will be broken in the following order (1) goal difference, (2) goals for, (3) goals against, or (4) LIVE drawing.
  • Playoffs will be consists of a semi-final and final. The lower ranked teams will compete with the higher ranked teams. A penalty shootout will directly take place if a semi-final or final game is finished with a draw.

FC Riverside County is dedicated to promoting the sport of soccer in Riverside County with community-driven operations. Our aim is to provide a pathway for youth athletes to become professional, semi-professional, or recreational soccer players. FC Riverside County owns and operates FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues (ASL) in Corona. We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Adrian Aros, General Manager

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah!


Season Finishes with 3 Top Goal Scorers

For the first time in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues history, the season produced a total of 3 Season Top Goal Scorers. Tyler Zubak of Corona United, Cruz Lopez of Jalisco F.C., and Edgar Trejo of La Sierra, scored a total of 7 goals each in the 2019 D1 Fall Season. Tyler Zubak and Cruz Lopez are current Hall of Famers. FC Riverside County will be adding Edgar Trejo to the Hall of Fame for his achievement.

Season Top Goal Scorers at FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues win soccer cleats. Since the 2019 D1 Fall Season produced a tie between 3 players, FC Riverside County has directed FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues to select the soccer cleats winner by a live drawing at the 2019 Fall Playoff Press Conference.

FC Riverside County will be exploring new policy options to determine a winner if a tie occurs again for the Season Top Goal Scorer position. If a new policy is enacted, changes will not take effect until the following season. FC Riverside County would like to hear your opinion or ideas – we welcome all feedback. Email feedback to

Nominate a Candidate For a Bell Award

Do you know someone in the Riverside County soccer community you would like to nominate for a Bell Award?

FC Riverside County is asking for your help to recognize those that serve the Riverside County soccer community. We are looking for those that work on and off the field, helping make the Riverside County soccer community a better place. Perhaps it’s a supporter for your team, a person you’ve seen or heard about, or a player in your team. Please take a moment to recognize a candidate for a Bell Award.

The Bell Award is given to the most influential and admirable leaders and players in the Riverside County Soccer Community. The Bell Award was created to inspire and encourage leadership in the soccer community.

To nominate a candidate, please provide their name and contact information, as well as a concise synopsis of why you think your nominee should receive a Bell Award.

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Playoff Press Conference: October 25th

Qualifying D1 Playoff teams must have at least 10 registered players in attendance.

October 25th | 9PM to 2AM

  • Press Conference with all team captains and coaches.
  • Award Ceremony to honor coaches, notable supporters, players, season top goal scorer, and season top goalkeeper.
  • Nightclub Event following the Press Conference. A live DJ will be available.

FC Riverside County is hosting a Press Conference to rally teams that qualify for our 2019 Fall 11v11 Division 1 Playoffs. Qualifying teams must have at least 10 registered players in attendance. Press Conference will include a moderated discussion between all team captains. Press Conference will be filmed.

The Press Conference will be followed by a nightclub event. This event will be open to the public. There will be a DJ and a bar available until 2AM. We encourage the player community to invite their friends (even non-soccer players).

View D1 11v11 Men’s Open Fall Season Standings by clicking here.