Board of Directors Elections

The Board of Directors is the authoritative body of our professional sports teams. The Board of Directors holds the power to select or remove Head Coaches from our professional sports teams.

Election Date

The Board of Directors elections are held on the third Sunday in April each year. The election will serve as the Annual General Membership meeting as stated in the ByLaws. All election rules and regulations pertaining to elections and membership will apply. After the conclusion of the election, the winners will be posted on our website within 5 business days.

Who Votes

The Voting body is compromised of Team Managers that participate in FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues, whose financial accounts are fully paid, whose equipment has been successfully returned, and who have followed FC Riverside County’s policies. Each Team Manager will be entitled to:

  • One (1) vote for every completed 4v4 season.
  • Two (2) votes for every completed 5v5 season.
  • Three (3) votes for every completed 6v6 season.
  • Four (4) votes for every completed 7v7 season.
  • Five (5) votes for every completed 8v8 season.
  • Six (6) votes for every completed 9v9 season.
  • Seven (7) votes for every completed 10v10 season.
  • Eight (8) votes for every completed 11v11 season.

The number of votes a Member accumulates for each completed season resets after every election.

Who can run for a position on the Board of Directors?

Members (Refer to Article V in the Bylaws) of FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues in good standing (with no outstanding debt) will be able to submit a letter of intent to run for a particular office.

How to Run for a Position

Interested candidates must submit their letters of intent by the end of March.


Elections are governed by our Bylaws. Download our Bylaws here.

Are you interested in joining our board? Please email to get started.


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