Workout. Make friends. Get fit.

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3-Month Body Transformation Program

by GirlGoneFit

Workout with a Community. Make new Friends. Transform your body.

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Join more than just a fitness program. Immersive yourself in a positive community and create new friendships.

  • Classes are designed to be fun and social.

  • Classes are designed to accommodate participants of all fitness levels.

  • Workouts are designed and led by award-winning GirlGoneFit (Laura Guzman).

(951) 316-6314 | | 2380 Fullerton Ave, Corona, CA

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Who am I?
My name is GirlGoneFit (Laura Guzman).
I am an award-winning Bodybuilder ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

Get Ready to Change Your Life

• Lose Weight
• Build Muscle
• Improve Your Endurance
• Increase Your Flexibility
• Tone Your Body

How it Works

1. Join a Class
2. Select a Fitness Goal
3. Workout with GirlGoneFit
4. Achieve Your Fitness Goal in 3 Months
5. Make Friends, Get Fit

Fitness by GirlGoneFit & FC Riverside County offers a community-based Fitness Program. Our fitness classes (1 session a week outdoors) are held on Saturdays. Our 50-minute classes will help you achieve your fitness goal in a 3-month period.

GirlGoneFit will be there every step of the way to guide you through each workout. Our Fitness Program welcomes and embraces you no matter what your fitness goal is. Our Fitness Classes will become part of your life and empower you to reach your goals. GirlGoneFit will help you stay accountable to your fitness goals with weekly check-ins. Reach your fitness goals with our fun and rewarding classes.

Get Active With People Like You

Are you looking for a program that is unintimidating, filled with like-minded individuals, and provides a fun workout routine? Immersive yourself in a community of people with similar fitness goals to help you stay motivated. GirlGoneFit will make your exercise fun and social.

We are more than just a Fitness Program. Our program offers other fitness activities including our weekly Running Club, bi-weekly Cycling Club, and monthly Hiking Club. Our Running Club, Cycling Club, and Hiking Club help you stay surrounded by people that share the same health and fitness goals as you.

1. Running Club
2. Cycling Club
3. Hiking Club


• $10 a week (paid monthly)
• $29 registration fee (paid every 12 weeks).

Get Started

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