League: Flag Football

Nicholas Tomlin

I’m 32 and looking to stay active and have some fun (and win). I love the game of football and would be happy to play any position needed.

Xenan Campbell

Have quite the athletic experience as I wrestled 4 years in high school and going to CIF. 18 (19 in Oct 23) and full of youth, heart, and competitive spirit. Wanted to play football since I started watching and had my share of 1 on 1s with the starting qb at my high school. Hoping to get into some real action soon.

Austin Spargo

Played safety and corner in highschool and in college for southern miss. Just looking to get back in there.

Steven Tinoco

Great Hands can play both sides of the ball (corner/receiver)

Colby Spelic

I will play whatever/ wherever I can be useful. I turn 40 in a month. Think I’m best suited for safety and reciever.

Kyle Carter

I’m a friendly person that wants to see everyone succeed I adapt to situations quickly and easy to get along with looking to have fun and improve myself as a person and player 💪🏻

Joseph Johnson

Hello I am a 39 male. Father of 3. I love playing sports. I soccer and football. I love working out. I play golf at least once a week. Excited to see what i can do out there.

Harry Calloway

Haven’t played football since Highschool and I’m a little chubby. But I love football and wanna get back to playing it!