Position: Midfielder

Eric Verduzco

My name is Eric, I am 26, and I have played soccer since I was a kid. I played high school varsity soccer and continuously played intramural soccer in college on indoor and outdoor 7v7s. Looking to have some fun but also compete.

Gonzalo Ortega

I played 4 Years of Varsity Soccer High School in San Diego for a D1 School and Moved to Corona to go to College. I also played Flight 1 and Coastal League Club soccer until I turned 18. I can play on the wing or in the center of the field. I can hold my own in any position other than Striker or GK. I’m new to the area and trying to get back into the Grind. You can also DM me @gonzvlooo

Francisco Carranza

I’ve been playing soccer my whole life. Played a little bit of college soccer years ago. Also played semi-pro for a little bit, also years ago. I can ay any position except goalie. My best position is defense

Henry Salas

Would love to play either in midfield or in defense. Grew up playing soccer, and looking to get back into it!