Position: Running Back

Auvilau Redmond

Genuinely love the game of football and just meeting others who share the same passion

Zain Nayak

Reliable running back with 99 speed & catching

Diego G Oceguera

Huge fan of football and to hear that it going Olympic is even more of a thrill. I have kids of my own I hope to inspire to get out and make new friends as well as new adventures. I have always dreamed of coaching a team of my own. So getting some experience of the game would open up other opportunities. Also I would like to have some fun and exercise to win.

Xenan Campbell

Have quite the athletic experience as I wrestled 4 years in high school and going to CIF. 18 (19 in Oct 23) and full of youth, heart, and competitive spirit. Wanted to play football since I started watching and had my share of 1 on 1s with the starting qb at my high school. Hoping to get into some real action soon.