Adult Flag Football League Rules & Format

FC Riverside County is committed to providing an exemplary flag football experience. This is accomplished by the enforcement of the following rules:


Season Championship

  • Each season is 8 weeks long.
  • Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the season will win the Season Championship.
  • The winner of the Season Championship will receive a team trophy.

FC Riverside County will attempt to release the full season schedule before the first week of the season. The season schedule may be adjusted throughout the season.

Playoff Tournament

  • All teams will qualify for the Playoff Tournament. If nine or more teams are in a division, only the top eight teams of the season will advance to the playoffs. If possible, we will attempt to host a second tournament for the teams that do not qualify.
  • The lower-ranked team in the top eight will compete with the highest-ranked team. Season point tiebreakers will be broken in the following order (1) results of head-to-head competition during the regular season, (2) point differential, (3) points allowed, and (4) coin flip.
  • The winner of the Playoff Tournament will receive a team trophy. Each player will also receive an individual trophy.


FC Riverside County wants to recognize our players for their hard work throughout the season. We will provide trophies as follows:

  1. Best Quarterback Trophy - Quarterback with the most successful passes; touchdowns.
  2. Most Touchdowns Trophy - The player with the most touchdowns.
  3. TBA - Provide us with feedback.
  4. TBA - Provide us with feedback.

To help us keep track of all stats, we are requiring players to have their player number and name printed on their jerseys. If a player fails to have their player number and name, we will not track their stats for the respective game.


Players are required to register before playing in a season game. Guest players can play season games by paying a $5 temporary permit. Permits are non-refundable and expire on the issuing date. Any team found playing an unregistered player without a permit will result in a forfeit.  ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN FC RIVERSIDE COUNTY'S TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT (17 & YOUNGER PLAYERS MUST ALSO RECEIVE A PARENT OR GUARDIAN SIGNATURE).

  • Players can play in different divisions during the same season.


Players will receive a $25 fine and at least a 1 game suspension for any verbal abuse made to a referee (including but not limited to offensive, insulting, or abusive language.), making contact with a referee (softly tapping a referee with a hand[s] or finger[s] in a non-threatening manner), or threatening to hurt another player. Players will receive a $100 fine and at least a 2-game suspension for charging or pushing an opponent with both hands, and for any abusive language made to a staff member. Players will receive a $250 fine and at least a 3-game suspension for touching a referee in a threatening way, any racial abuse, or deliberate foul play. Players will receive at least a 6-month suspension and a $500 fine for any retaliation fighting (including but not limited to kicking, punching, or spiting), and touching a referee in a violent manner, making violent threats, accumulating 3 suspensions within the same season. Players will receive at least a 1-year suspension and a $1,000 fine for violent conduct (including but not limited to fighting, kicking, punching, or attempting to hurt another individual), spitting on another individual, or hitting a referee. Any team found having played any suspended player will receive a $25 fine.

*NO FIGHTING. No warnings will be given. All offenders will receive at least a 1-year suspension.


All decisions made by the referee are final. All players entering the field must receive permission from the game’s assigned referee.


A team is required to have their players wear matching uniforms. Matching jerseys (no t-shirts allowed) are required and must be numbered. All teams must fulfill this requirement no later than game 3. Shorts and socks must at least be of similar color. The visiting side team will wear pennies/bibs if the opposing team has a similar or the same colored jersey.


Supporters will be asked to leave the facility if they enter the field during a live game. Supporters will be asked to leave the facility if they disrupt an opponent during a live game. Supporters will be asked to leave the facility if they use inappropriate language or make inappropriate gestures.


A Service Member Team (SMT) receives accommodation, including, but not limited to pricing, scheduling, and the official rules. A team can only be designated as an SMT by the league’s General Manager. An SMT must abide by the following rules and requirements listed below:

  1. Verification – Each player registering as an active military player must present a U.S. military ID card to league coordinators for verification. Failure to verify a player(s) may result in a playoff disqualification.
  2. Season Scheduling – A SMT may only play up to 2 official season matches in one given day.
  3. Roster – A SMT must meet the league’s roster requirements.
    *Non-military player – A player that is not currently serving in the United States Armed Forces


Sports Operations of America’s game laws follow those prescribed by the NFL. While this may be true, the following laws have been altered:

  1. Roster – Teams are permitted to register up to 17 players in a season.
  2. The Number of Substitutions – Unlimited substitutions are permitted during a match. Players subbed out can reenter the field.
  3. Forfeit – Teams must always have no less than 5 players on the field during the match period. Any failure to have at least 5 players show up will result in a forfeit. Each team is privileged with a 10-minute grace period from the scheduled time to field the field with at least 5 players. The team that wins by default will add 3 points to their season standing and 18 points to their season goal count. Teams that forfeit will be fined $100.
  4. Duration of the Match – Season and playoff matches have a match duration of 60 minutes (two 25-minute halves). The duration of the match may be shortened due to uncontrollable reasons including but not limited to poor weather conditions or if the aggressive game activity becomes dangerous.
  5. Field Size – Field size may at times be slightly different from an NFL-sanctioned field.
  6. Referee – One referee will be assigned for each season game. Two referees will be assigned for playoff games; one center referee and one assistant referee.

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