The California Super League

ANNOUNCEMENT: FC Riverside County will be launching the California Super League. FC Riverside County is spinning off our Men’s Open Division 1 by FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues into the California Super League. This league will feature a $10,000 cash prize.

( Coming Soon)

The California Super League (CSL) is building a statewide professional recreational soccer league providing the foundation for recreational soccer players to become professional players. The CSL is the first-ever professional recreational league in the United States. The CSL provides an opportunity for teams throughout California to showcase their players on a state and national level.

The CSL is committed to providing recreational teams an opportunity to win a cash prize. The CSL finalist is awarded a $10,000 CASH PRIZE. Unlike other professional development leagues, the CSL finalist does not have to travel out of state to compete for the grand prize. At least one (1) California team is guaranteed the $10,000 CASH PRIZE. We believe a significant cash prize is essential for teams to grow and develop.

Conferences are available throughout the state of California. The founding Conference is in Riverside County. Our objective is to build a network of competitive recreational teams. We look forward to seeing your team compete in California’s most competitive recreational soccer league.

Team Fees

  • $35 Player Registration Fee (Up to 25 players may be registered per season.)
  • $800 Team Registration Fee
  • $120 Referee Fee per Game (3 Referees will be scheduled per game. The game referee fee will drop to $110 per game if an emergency occurs and only 2 referees are available for the given game.)
  • $10 Permit Fee (For non-registered players. We highly advise registering your players to avoid paying the $10 permit fee.)
  • There is no Annual Membership Fee.

The CSL will set payment deadlines for each season. Teams that do not meet payment deadlines will be excluded from the schedule. Methods of payment will be available after your team has been successfully accepted to join the CSL. Upon request, payment plans may be offered to teams that can demonstrate good financial standing.

How to Join

Step 1: Submit a team application by visiting

Step 2: The CSL will schedule a call with your Team Manager after the CSL reviews your application. You can ask further questions about the CSL during this stage.

Step 3: Within 48 hours, the CSL will determine whether your team will be accepted to join the CSL.

Step 4: Upon approval, the CSL will send you the CSL Rules & Policies Agreement form. Team Managers must sign the CSL Rules & Policies Agreement before joining the CSL. The CSL will send you an invoice with instructions on how to pay for your Team Registration Fee after successfully receiving a signed CSL Rules & Policies Agreement.

Step 5: The CSL will confirm your spot in the season after successfully receiving your Team Registration Fee.

For more information, email or call (951) 316-6314.