Important Update: Extra Time

FC Riverside County is grateful for having the opportunity to serve you. Since our founding, we at FC Riverside County have been committed to connecting our community with the game of soccer. This community is not possible without your participation. We are looking forward to continuing to serve you.

To best serve you, we are introducing new changes to all our programs. FC Riverside County was imagined pre-Covid. Unfortunately, unprecedented business conditions and staffing issues have caused us to reimagine our organization once more. These changes will only strengthen our soccer community and allow FC Riverside County to better serve you. Changes are reflected below:

General Changes

  • Updates will be available by visiting
  • Fall Season dates will be available by visiting
  • FC Riverside County will be a self-service organization. Program information will be available on our website.
  • Support will be available by texting (951) 667-3372. To ensure we provide you with a timely response, this will be our only monitored line.
  • Our phone numbers (951) 316-6314 and (951) 667-3373 will be unmonitored.
  • Our email will be unmonitored.
  • will be simplified to reflect our current offerings.
  • Trash has become a large problem for our organization. We are considering implementing a $1 admission fee for all visitors. To avoid this change, please pick up after yourself. We encourage you to remind your teammates and spectators to pick up after themselves.

Youth Soccer

  • A new Sunday youth program will be offered on December 4th, 2022 for all members. This program will be at no additional cost.
  • Weekly practices will no longer be offered. Our regular Saturday youth program will stay the same. We will consider offering weekly practices once staffing issues have been resolved.
  • FC Riverside County will start accepting volunteer coaches to balance our coaching shortage. Parents volunteering will be led by our Head Coach, Laura Guzman. Parents volunteering will receive free access to our youth programs. Other incentives will be available.

Adult Soccer

  • We are commencing the Fall Seasons. Playoffs will start on December 17 and 18 for all divisions. Each division will have a playoff tournament consisting of 8 teams.
  • Games will follow a strict schedule. Teams showing up late will lose game time.

We will be closed on the following dates:

  • Thanksgiving Weekend: Saturday, November 26th, and Sunday, November 27th
  • Christmas Weekend: Saturday, December 24th, and Sunday, December 25th
  • New Years Weekend: Saturday, December 31st, and Sunday, January 1st
  • Martin Luther King Weekend: Saturday, January 14th, and Sunday, January 15th

We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Thank you.

Most Sincerely,

The FC Riverside County Team